2024 International Conference on Advanced Technology of Electrical Engineering and Energy

Visa Info.

Required Materials for Chinese Visa Application

Individuals intending to participate in the conference may require a Chinese visa for entry into China. Specifically, non-Chinese citizens, excluding passport holders from Singapore, Brunei, and Japan, must obtain a Chinese visa. Participants can initiate the visa application process at the Chinese Embassy or consulate in their respective regions. To mitigate uncertainties, participants are strongly advised to commence the visa application process at the earliest convenience, ideally at least one month in advance.
For most attendees, obtaining a Tourist ("L") visa is the most straightforward option; an invitation letter is not mandatory for Tourist visa acquisition.
Application for Tourist Visa (L Visa) for Conference Participation
The following constitute the essential documents for Tourist Visa (L Visa) application. Additional documents or prerequisites may be necessary, particularly if applying for a non-standard L visa. For comprehensive information, please refer to the Chinese Embassy in your country.
1. Passports: Must have a minimum of two blank visa pages (amendment pages and pages with bar codes are not acceptable for visa stamping) and validity of at least 6 months.

2. Visa Application Forms and Photos: One completed and signed visa application form per passport, accompanied by the appropriate visa fee and any supplementary information required. Additionally, two passport photos (head and shoulders only, front view, with a white background, approximately 35mm x 45mm) are needed. Once all necessary items are prepared, submit the application at the relevant visa office of the Chinese embassy/consulate-general or Visa Application Centre in your country.

Invitation Letter

ATEEE will facilitate the visa process for attendees by furnishing a Conference Invitation Letter. Important details are as follows:
- The Conference is not a Government Body and therefore cannot issue any Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit for the Business Visa. Participants are advised to apply for the Tourist Visa (L Visa).
- Invitation letters from the organizing committee will be provided upon request only upon successful registration. Upon completion of registration, please contact ateee@ateee.org to request a personalized letter of invitation.
- Your name must precisely match the name on your passport. Any disparities between the name on your passport and the name on your invitation letter or other documentation could result in a delay and/or denial of your visa application.
Due to the time required for visa processing, attendees are urged to promptly inquire with the local Chinese consular services regarding the required documents and the waiting period to obtain a visa.
Please be aware that ATEEE is not authorized to provide assistance beyond issuing the Invitation Letter. While the invitation letter may aid in the visa application process, it does not guarantee the acquisition of a Chinese Visa. ATEEE will not be held liable for visa refusals, and the registration fee is non-refundable.

For further inquiries, please contact the local Chinese Embassy in your country.